NuraLoop adaptive earbuds deliver audio tailored to the wearer’s hearing

Australian audio company Nura has launched what it says are the world’s first adaptive earphones, which alter their output to suit the user’s hearing. Announced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show... Read more »

Keiichi Matsuda explores dystopian future of the workplace in new film Merger

London-based designer Keiichi Matsuda suggests how augmented reality will define the workstation of the future, in a short film that explores the growing obsession with productivity in the workplace. Called Merger, the... Read more »

Bastian Beyer uses bacteria to calcify knitting into construction materials

London-based architect and designer Bastian Beyer’s project explores the potential of using knitted textile structures that have been biologically solidified as sustainable construction materials. Beyer worked with fellow designer Daniel Suarez to apply traditional... Read more »

Hoobox launches first wheelchair controlled by facial expressions

Brazilian start-up Hoobox Robotics has collaborated with Intel to produce an adapter kit that allows almost any electric wheelchair to be controlled by the user’s facial expressions. The Wheelie 7 kit equips... Read more »

195-gigapixel photo of Shanghai allows viewers to zoom in on street-level detail

Faces and licence plates are among the details that can be clearly seen in an ultra-high-resolution bird’s-eye photograph of Shanghai, created by Chinese company Bigpixel Technology. Shot from 230 metres up the... Read more »

Photovoltaic concrete facade uses sunlight to generate energy

Concrete facades could soon capture solar energy to power buildings, using a prototype photovoltaic cladding developed by materials company LafargeHolcim and electronics manufacturer Heliatek. The product combines LafargeHolcim’s concrete with a top... Read more »

“Whole chunks of our environment are being privatised” says Silicon States author Lucie Greene

Silicon Valley companies including Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook are threatening democracy by usurping governments as the key provider of public spaces and services, according to a new book examining the rising power... Read more »

Samsung unveils Infinity Flex smartphone that unfolds to become a tablet

Samsung has revealed a prototype of its long-awaited foldable smartphone, which allows consumers to own a tablet and a phone in one device. The brand debuted its vision for the next generation... Read more »

Helm Personal Server lets users take control of their data security

Gadi Amit’s studio New Deal Design has collaborated with tech start-up Helm to create a home server to save people from “being caught up in the next massive online breach”. The Helm... Read more »

Bio-bricks made from human urine could be environmentally friendly future of architecture

University of Cape Town researcher Suzanne Lambert has created a zero-waste building material made with human urine, which hardens at room temperature, as an alternative to environmentally taxing kiln-fired bricks. Lambert, a... Read more »