WEDEW turns air into drinking water by creating artificial clouds in shipping container

A team led by US architect David Hertz has developed an energy-efficient technology for harvesting fresh drinking water from the air, which is contained within a shipping container for easy transport. The WEDEW system, can... Read more »

Brixels are modular blocks that can be combined to create moving walls

New York design studio Breakfast has combined elements of the brick with the pixel to make Brixels, a building block for moving architectural art. Brixels are designed to make it easier and... Read more »

BMW and North Face debut futuristic Futurelight camper concept at CES

BMW’s creative division Designworks has teamed up with The North Face to design a futuristic camper concept, which utilises nanospinning technology to shelter its inhabitants from extreme weather conditions. The camper, on display... Read more »

Map, Universal Design Studio and IBM collaborate on world’s first commercial quantum computer

Map Project Office and Universal Design Studio have worked with IBM to create the Q System One, the world’s first quantum computer intended for business use. The computing giant partnered with the... Read more »

Robot run over by self-driving Tesla on way to CES in Las Vegas

A humanoid robot on its way to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been “hit and destroyed” by a self-driving Tesla. The $2,000 per day rentable model V4 robot, from manufacturer... Read more »

Personalised 3D-printed models of patients’ hearts can be used to plan surgery

London-based design studio Cellule has devised a system for creating personalised digital and 3D-printed models of hearts, which can be used to help doctors plan surgery for transplant patients. Initiated in September... Read more »

Urban wind turbine wins 2018 James Dyson Awards grand prize

The “ingenious” O-Wind Turbine designed by UK students Nicolas Orellana and Yaseen Noorani is the winner of the international James Dyson Awards. The 2018 grand prize winner is an omnidirectional wind turbine that works... Read more »

MIT engineers complete world’s first flight of plane with no moving parts

Engineers at the Massachusetts University of Technology have built an ion-powered plane that flies without propellers or turbines, and requires no fossil fuel. Instead, the plane is powered by an “ionic wind”,... Read more »

12 fabric-covered gadgets that show how technology can be more cosy

Fabric-coated tech products have slowly but surely padded into the market in 2018, suggesting a future of gentle, unobtrusive devices. Here’s a look at some of the best examples. Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort... Read more »

Coinmine device introduces novices to cryptocurrency

Tech company Coinmine has released its first product designed to allow anyone to mine and manage cryptocurrency. The Los Angeles-based startup – backed by several venture capital investors – launched this month... Read more »