Charlotte McCurdy creates “carbon-negative” raincoat from algae bioplastic

New York designer Charlotte McCurdy has fashioned a water-resistant jacket from a plastic made of algae, which captures existing CO2 from the atmosphere. The garment is made from a bioplastic material McCurdy... Read more »

Recycled tyres form pavement that self-repairs when it rains

Rain would repair rather than damage roads if they were made of the tyre-based pavement invented by Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona, a Mexican student and winner of the nation’s James Dyson Award.... Read more »

Bompas & Parr produces “world’s lightest dessert” weighing just one gram

Food design studio Bompas & Parr has created an incredibly lightweight edible meringue using a process originally developed to manufacture the lightest solid material ever made. The multidisciplinary London-based studio headed by... Read more »

Irakli Sabekia turns razor wire fence into radio transmitter

Designer Irakli Sabekia has developed a device that can turn the border fence between Russia and his native Georgia into a radio transmitter. Using the fence as an antennae, the specially tuned transmitter... Read more »

Re:newcell prepares to launch “world’s first clothes made from circular cotton”

Swedish company Re:newcell is aiming to disrupt the fashion industry and save natural resources by creating garments from Circulose – a new material made from recycled cotton clothes. Circulose was developed in... Read more »

Cambridge University team build UK’s most efficient electric car

Students from Cambridge University have built an ultra-efficient electric car that drives using only as much power as it takes to boil a kettle. The Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) student society... Read more »

Top three wallpaper designs announced in Samsung and Dezeen’s mobile design competition

Dezeen promotion: the top three wallpaper designs in the Samsung Mobile Design Competition have been revealed, and their designers have shared the thinking behind their work in interviews with Dezeen. From a... Read more »

SunUp provides a backpack-hugging solar-power solution for hikers

The best of rigid and flexible solar panels combine in SunUp, a product for outdoor adventurers invented by Brunel University design graduate Bradley Brister. The problem, as keen hiker Brister describes it,... Read more »

Top three accessory designs announced in Samsung and Dezeen’s mobile design competition

Dezeen promotion: judges in the Samsung Mobile Design Competition have revealed their pick of the top three accessory designs, whose creators have shared their inspiration in interviews with Dezeen. From a longlist... Read more »

Ying Gao’s “chameleon-like” autonomous dresses react to their surroundings

Montreal-based fashion designer Ying Gao has created a pair of robotic dresses that respond to their environment by rippling, expanding and contracting as if they are alive. The two dresses, called Flowing... Read more »