Oxygem smart ring helps people with sickle cell disease monitor blood oxygen levels

A smart ring developed by New York-based designer Hussain Almossawi allows people with sickle cell disease to monitor and detect low oxygen levels in their blood. Called Oxygem, the wearable technology features a... Read more »

Five designers awarded $500,000 each to develop mobility devices for lower-limb paralysis

The designers of an electric wheelchair share scheme and two exoskeletons are among the five finalists of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge who will be given $500,000 each to develop their prototypes. Run by the... Read more »

Columbia University researchers create 3D-printed “wood” with realistic internal grain

Engineers at Columbia University have 3D-printed a block of “digital wood”, using a voxel technique that enables the creation of objects with rich internal textures. The resin block is modelled on an... Read more »

ProxyAddress gives those facing homelessness a fixed address

Hildrey Studio has developed ProxyAddress, a database that could connect homeless people with an address from one of England’s 500,000 empty houses so they don’t lose access to vital services. London-based architect Chris... Read more »

Huawei’s Facing Emotions app uses sound to allow the visually impaired to see emotions

Chinese tech giant Huawei has developed an app that uses artificial intelligence to allow the visually impaired to “see” the emotion on the face of someone they are talking to by translating... Read more »

Robot-made tables and vases feature surface textures created using algorithms

Iraqi-born UAE-based designer Layth Mahdi debuts a series of marble vases and tables with contoured surfaces milled by robots and designed using algorithms. Launched during Dubai Design Week last month, Layth Mahdi’s... Read more »

Carlo Ratti develops Livingboard prefab housing system for rural India

Architect Carlo Ratti has worked with Indian non-profit WeRise to develop a system of low-cost housing with a prefabricated core that homeowners can build any structure they like on top of. The... Read more »

Beer Holthuis designs 3D printer that uses recycled paper

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Beer Holthuis created the Paper Pulp Printer in an effort to combat the amount of waste plastic being created through 3D-printing. Holthuis set himself the challenge of making... Read more »

Uber reveals redesigned Jump electric share bikes

Uber-owned bike rental company Jump has unveiled the design for its latest electric bicycles, which have a phone dock for easy navigation and a retractable lock to discourage vandalism. The bikes —... Read more »

Eight designs from Middle Eastern graduates at Dubai Design Week

A device that turns street lights into floatation devices and a washing machine designed for long-haul truck drivers are among our pick of the best designs presented by graduates from the Middle East... Read more »