Kegg Kegel ball promises more accurate fertility tracking

Personal fertility tracking is set to get more sophisticated with the arrival of Kegg, the first wearable device to measure cervical mucus. Created by San Francisco-based start-up Lady Technologies, Kegg promises to... Read more »

Volvo unveils “world’s first” autonomous electric bus in Singapore

Volvo has revealed a pioneering, driverless electric bus that is set to undergo testing, before being put into operation on Singapore’s roads. The 12-metre long bus, AB 7900, has a capacity of 93 people, and is... Read more »

China plans solar power station in space

China is planning to build the world’s first solar power station in space to provide “inexhaustible clean energy”, according to reports. Researchers at the China Academy of Space Technology claim they are... Read more »

UNStudio develops The Coolest White paint to cool down our cities

UNStudio and Monopol Colors have created an extremely reflective white paint that can reduce the amount of heat buildings absorb and cool cities in the face of climate change. By limiting the amount of light and... Read more »

Marina Abramović: The Life presents the artist as a 3D digital avatar

A 3D digital rendering of performance artist Marina Abramović wandered around London’s Serpentine Gallery in this mixed-reality art installation. Marina Abramović: The Life was a series of performances that took place at... Read more »

FedEx’s autonomous robot SameDay Bot delivers packages to your doorstep

American delivery company FedEx has developed an autonomous robotic delivery device to help retailers distribute same-day orders to their customers. Designed to satisfy the ever-growing expectations of consumers, the SameDay Bot allows retailers... Read more »

Beatie Wolfe’s “intelligent” Raw Space album reveals itself as a deck of cards

Musician Beatie Wolfe has uploaded her latest album onto a pack of cards that listeners tap on a phone to play each song. Each card in the eight-track “album deck” is embedded... Read more »

Black Panther’s Oscar-winning costumes include 3D-printed designs

Black Panther took home the 2019 Academy Award for Best Costume Design for outfits that included an intricate collar and crown created using 3D printing. Costume designer Ruth E Carter accepted the... Read more »

Scientists create temperature-regulating fabric

Researchers at University of Maryland have invented a smart material capable of warming up a person when they’re cold and cooling them down when they’re hot. The textile is made of regular... Read more »

Citroën designs ultra-compact concept car for unlicenced drivers

Citroën has revealed its vision for the future of mobility in cities, the Ami One Concept electric vehicle, designed to be an alternative to both shared bikes and cars. The ultra-compact vehicle only... Read more »