Tour BigPixel’s interactive 195-gigapixel image of Shanghai

Our latest captioned movie explores a 195-gigapixel panoramic image of Shanghai, created by Chinese technology firm BigPixel. The interactive image can be accessed worldwide using a website that enables users to pan across and... Read more »

Mars One space colonisation company declares bankruptcy

Mars One, the Dutch company that held an open call for volunteer astronauts to settle on Mars, has gone into liquidation. Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, CEO and co-founder of Mars One, set... Read more »

Amphibious Velox robot uses undulating fins to swim and crawl

US company Pliant Energy Systems has turned one of its green energy technologies into a propulsion system for a swimming robot capable of exploring land and sea. The Velox robot can move... Read more »

Hanson Robotics’ Little Sophia is a coding companion for young girls

Hanson Robotics has created a “little sister” version of AI robot Sophia, intended to help young girls learn to code and gain an understanding of STEM subjects. Little Sophia is a 14-inch tall... Read more »

Puma launches self-lacing trainers

Sports brand Puma has unveiled its Puma Fi trainers, which have laces that can be tightened at the swipe of a finger. Where users would expect to find laces on their trainers, the... Read more »

World’s longest 3D-printed concrete bridge opens in Shanghai

A team led by professor Xu Weiguo at the Tsinghua University School of Architecture in Beijing has 3D-printed a 26.3-metre-long concrete bridge, which they claim is the world’s longest. The 3.6-metre-wide pedestrian bridge, which... Read more »

“Metallic wood” is as strong as titanium but five times lighter

University of Pennsylvania engineers have altered a sheet of nickel to produce a material they call “metallic wood”, which is extremely strong and light. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania took inspiration... Read more »

Motiv ring will be able to make payments and verify identity with a heartbeat

US tech company Motiv has revealed its smart ring will soon use its wearer’s unique heartbeat to verify their identity and make payments. The company, which launched the Motiv ring in 2017... Read more »

“Soon the smartphone will no longer be our primary digital device”

The iPhone’s reign of supremacy is ending, but its successor won’t be a single device, says Owen Hopkins. The age of Apple is coming to an end, that is if you believe... Read more »

Movie shows how Continental’s robot dogs would deliver packages

This captioned movie shows, in action, the conceptual robotic delivery dog that German automotive brand Continental unveiled at CES 2019. Continental envisions its robot canines being driven around in autonomous vans before... Read more »