Seek app lets users identify plant and animal species in real time

Kids can identify plants, flowers, insects and wildlife while tracking biodiversity in their area, using the augmented-reality app Seek by iNaturalist and the WWF. Described as “like Pokémon Go for nature”, Seek... Read more »

Spira countertop bioreactor allows users to grow their own algae for food

Individuals could cut their greenhouse-gas emissions by replacing meals with algae grown at home using the countertop Spira device by recent design graduate Rob Russell. Spira is a photobioreactor, which means it... Read more »

Garden of Galaxy personalised flower wins the Samsung Mobile Design Competition wallpaper category

Dezeen promotion: a personalised flower generated by an algorithm has won the wallpaper category in the Samsung Mobile Design Competition. Created by Finnish designer Kalle Järvenpää and titled Garden of Galaxy, the... Read more »

Hyperstealth Biotechnology’s “invisibility cloak” can conceal entire buildings

Canadian camouflage company Hyperstealth Biotechnology has patented the technology behind a material that bends light to make people and objects near invisible to the naked eye. The material, called Quantum Stealth, is... Read more »

Facebook rebrands to “create visual distinction” between company and social app

Facebook has launched a new branding for its subsidiary companies, which comprises an all-capital typeface that changes colour depending on the service offered. Facebook will use the new branding on the services it... Read more »

Star of Galaxy robotic stand wins the mobile accessories category in Samsung’s design competition

Dezeen promotion: a robotic stand that turns a Samsung Galaxy device into a collaborative smart assistant has taken the top prize in the accessories category of the Samsung Mobile Design Competition. Named... Read more »

Charlotte McCurdy creates “carbon-negative” raincoat from algae bioplastic

New York designer Charlotte McCurdy has fashioned a water-resistant jacket from a plastic made of algae, which captures existing CO2 from the atmosphere. The garment is made from a bioplastic material McCurdy... Read more »

Recycled tyres form pavement that self-repairs when it rains

Rain would repair rather than damage roads if they were made of the tyre-based pavement invented by Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona, a Mexican student and winner of the nation’s James Dyson Award.... Read more »

Bompas & Parr produces “world’s lightest dessert” weighing just one gram

Food design studio Bompas & Parr has created an incredibly lightweight edible meringue using a process originally developed to manufacture the lightest solid material ever made. The multidisciplinary London-based studio headed by... Read more »