LifeCredit computer game envisions a dystopian future ruled by a social credit system

Digital designer Diana Ganea’s LifeCredit video game imagines a dystopian future where social status is determined by a corporate credit-system that rewards or punishes citizens. Set in the year 2050, the LifeCredit... Read more »

Pope launches eRosary wearable technology that tracks worshippers’ prayers

The Click to Pray eRosary from the Vatican is a wearable technology bracelet featuring a crucifix interface that tracks the user’s worship and syncs with a smartphone app. Launched by the Pope’s... Read more »

Toyota’s LQ concept creates a “bond” between car and driver with AI agent

Toyota’s latest electric LQ concept car satisfies the “human need to be engaged emotionally” with an on-board artificial intelligence agent named Yui. The Toyota LQ is both fully electric and equipped with... Read more »

Game Boy gets extra life in minimal Analogue Pocket

Retro handheld gaming meets contemporary design in the Analogue Pocket, a new device for playing old Game Boy cartridges. American tech company Analogue made Pocket as “a tribute to portable gaming”. It... Read more »

Google launches Nest Mini speaker made from recycled plastic

Google has created a fabric using recycled plastic for the latest version of the Nest Mini speaker, which launched today along with an updated Pixel smartphone with two cameras on its back.... Read more »

ArtCenter Viewbook features 40,500 unique modernist-inspired covers

US designer Brad Bartlett used an algorithm to give each copy of design school the ArtCenter’s prospectus a different cover, playing on the modernist graphics of alumnus Alvin Lustig. The Viewbook is... Read more »

“Facial recognition is a fundamental threat to society”

The use of facial recognition in Hong Kong and London’s King’s Cross demonstrates the need to control access to the technology in the same way other dangerous items are regulated, says Owen Hopkins.... Read more »

University of Hong Kong students invent self-sanitising door handle

University of Hong Kong graduates Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li have designed a door handle that uses light to constantly sterilise itself. Motivated by the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)... Read more »

Mind-controlled exoskeleton allows paralysed patient to move again

Researchers at the Clinatec laboratory in Grenoble have created an exoskeleton, which paralysed users can control with their mind in order to help them move both their arms and legs. This marks... Read more »

MIT researchers develop emissions-free cement production process

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have demonstrated an experimental way of manufacturing cement that releases no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Currently, the production of cement for concrete accounts for about... Read more »