Dezeen Day schedule: see details of all the talks and speakers

Dezeen Day is our international architecture and design conference taking place in London on 30 October. Scroll down for information about speakers, sessions, networking events, the venue and tickets. A limited number... Read more »

Strike on Saudi Arabian oil supply demonstrates destructive potential of drones

A reported drone strike has set fire to two oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia, in the latest example of drones being used to cause disruption. On Saturday 14 September an oil... Read more »

Ben Ditto creates “dystopian” campaign to launch People by The 1975

Surveillance culture and climate change are the focus of the campaign for band The 1975’s latest release, which features augmented reality, neural networks and glitchy graphics. Creative director Ben Ditto worked with... Read more »

3D printing meets felt in new additive manufacturing technique

Acoustic panels and other architectural elements can be made in complex 3D forms using a robotic needle felting process developed by researchers at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning in... Read more »

Apple unveils iPhone 11 Pro with “triple-camera system”

Apple has launched an iPhone with three different cameras for ultra-wide photos, along with its latest Apple Watch, enlarged iPad and a subscription service for Apple original movies. The latest collection of products... Read more »

3D-printed robotic fish swims through water by mimicking the movement of a tuna

TU Delft student Sander van den Berg has invented a 3D-printed robotic fish that swims through water at a record-breaking 0.85 metres per second. The Industrial Design Engineering masters student created the... Read more »

“I’m interested in giving science fiction an overdue sex change” says Lucy McRae

The future is fleshy, according to Lucy McRae. As a new exhibition of her work opens at NGV in Melbourne, the designer explains why she believes the human body holds the key... Read more »

Carlo Ratti’s orange squeezer serves juice in bioplastic cups made from the peel

Italian studio Carlo Ratti Associati has developed a circular orange juice bar that turns the waste fruit peel into 3D-printed bioplastic cups to drink the contents from. Created for global energy company... Read more »

X Shore electric boats designed for emission-free sea travel

Engine noise, fumes and carbon emissions are all nonexistent with X Shore, one of the first electric boat-makers to target the consumer market. The Swedish company manufactures all-electric boats, emphasising that the... Read more »

Hyundai reveals foldable electric scooter designed to be charged in its cars

Hyundai has created a prototype scooter that folds down to the size of a backpack and can be charged in a car using the energy created while driving. The scooter has been designed for... Read more »