LooWatt’s waterless toilet system turns waste into electricity and fertiliser

LooWatt is a toilet that can be flushed without the need for any water, safely disposing of human waste to be turned into electricity and fertiliser. The closed-loop LooWatt system offers a... Read more »

Five leading AR designers creating face filters for Instagram

With augmented reality technology becoming more readily available, young designers are creating face filters for social media platforms. Design reporter Gunseli Yalcinkaya picks five of the most interesting examples. Johanna Jaskowska Berlin-based... Read more »

Salk Institute develops a plant that offers a solution to climate change

California’s Salk Institute for Biological Studies is developing a plant that can store excess carbon dioxide in its roots, in a bid to curb the effects of climate change. The Harnessing Plants... Read more »

“Aviation can be more sustainable than road and rail” says head of Norway’s switch to electric planes

Norway aims to replace fuel-guzzling jets with electric planes on all domestic flights by 2040 as part of its drive to fight climate change. Olaf Mosvold Larsen of state airport group Avinor... Read more »

United Nations criticises voice assistants for promoting gender biases

A United Nations report has found that Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and other female-voiced digital assistants “reinforce commonly held gender biases”. The assistants both reinforce negative ideas of women as being subservient and... Read more »

Museum creates deepfake Salvador Dalí to greet visitors

The Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida has used a controversial artificial intelligence technique to “bring the master of surrealism back to life”. The art museum worked with San Francisco advertising agency Goodby... Read more »

Aivan grows headphones from fungus and yeast

Fungus, yeast-based bioplastic and other materials grown by microbes have been used to make the Korvaa headphones, designed by Finnish studio Aivan in collaboration with scientists. All up, the Korvaa headphones feature six different... Read more »

The Ocean Cleanup labelled “a dream that seduced many people”

Sustainability experts have questioned the validity of The Ocean Cleanup, an initiative designed to scoop plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean. “I’m not saying it’s a hoax; rather [it’s] a dream that... Read more »

People will “learn to love” architecture created using technology says Patrik Schumacher

People will adapt to the enhanced environments architects and designers are creating using technology, says Patrik Schumacher. Speaking about the future of technology on a panel hosted by Dezeen and kitchen and bathroom... Read more »

Lilium aims to operate all-electric air taxis in several cities by 2025

German start-up Lilium has unveiled a five-seater jet-powered electric air taxi prototype that it plans to have operational in a number of cities around the world in the next six years. The... Read more »