Sony launches Wena smartwatch strap to update classic timepieces

Sony has launched a different take on the smartwatch, with all the technology embedded in a band that users can attach to their favourite analogue face. The Wena watch strap upgrades any... Read more »

Algorithmic Couture aims to reduce fashion industry waste with digital customisation

Research collective Synflux has developed a system of digitised couture that reduces the amount of fabric needed to make clothes by creating garments that exactly fit the wearer’s body. Called Algorithimic Couture,... Read more »

Augmented reality takes museum-goers inside Rembrandt painting

Visitors to the Mauritshuis museum can use their smartphone to experience Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp in augmented reality, thanks to Dutch design agency CapitolaVR. To mark... Read more »

Bontrager’s WaveCel bike helmet promises to radically reduce head injury

US bike brand Bontrager has launched an improved bicycle helmet that they say is 48 times more likely to prevent concussion than standard foam versions. The helmets contain a shock-absorbing material called WaveCel... Read more »

Tech companies’ development of AI is “unethical” says Robot Love curator

AI development should not be left in the hands of mega-companies like Facebook and Google, warns Ine Gevers, curator of an exhibition in Eindhoven that examined the importance of emotion in the... Read more »

Apple launches credit card touting privacy and security

Apple has made its first foray into financial services with a numberless credit card that CEO Tim Cook calls the most significant change to card payments in 50 years. The Apple Card... Read more »

Watch MIT’s modular Mini Cheetah robot land a backflip

Our new captioned movie shows MIT’s “virtually indestructible” Mini Cheetah robot performing a host of athletic manoeuvres, including stretching, running and jumping. The nimble quadruped can navigate uneven terrains at up to... Read more »

University of Wollongong uses stem cells to 3D-print human ears

Researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia have developed a 3D bioprinter that can replicate human ears for use in reconstructive surgery. The machine, nicknamed 3D Alek, is a customised multi-materials biofabrication... Read more »

Seymourpowell’s Élever makeup printer replicates looks straight from the internet

Makeup looks seen online could be downloaded and printed directly onto the face, using a gadget concept imagined by UK studio Seymourpowell. Élever looks like a handheld mirror but is actually a... Read more »

Q is the world’s first gender-neutral voice technology

Creative agency Virtue has partnered with Copenhagen Pride to develop the world’s first genderless voice, which aims to eradicate bias in technology. Called Q, the gender-neutral voice provides an alternative to technology... Read more »