Beatie Wolfe’s “intelligent” Raw Space album reveals itself as a deck of cards

Musician Beatie Wolfe has uploaded her latest album onto a pack of cards that listeners tap on a phone to play each song. Each card in the eight-track “album deck” is embedded... Read more »

Black Panther’s Oscar-winning costumes include 3D-printed designs

Black Panther took home the 2019 Academy Award for Best Costume Design for outfits that included an intricate collar and crown created using 3D printing. Costume designer Ruth E Carter accepted the... Read more »

Scientists create temperature-regulating fabric

Researchers at University of Maryland have invented a smart material capable of warming up a person when they’re cold and cooling them down when they’re hot. The textile is made of regular... Read more »

Citroën designs ultra-compact concept car for unlicenced drivers

Citroën has revealed its vision for the future of mobility in cities, the Ami One Concept electric vehicle, designed to be an alternative to both shared bikes and cars. The ultra-compact vehicle only... Read more »

Huawei unveils Mate X foldable smartphone

Huawei unveils Mate X foldable smartphone Huawei has released its Mate X folding smartphone with a flexible screen that bends around the exterior of the device. According to Huawei, the Mate X... Read more »

Racing drone explores abandoned coal factory

Our latest captioned video shows drone racing footage of an abandoned coal factory in southwest France, which was captured by Benoit Finck. Drone racing is allowing people to experience architecture in new ways –... Read more »

Shellworks turns discarded lobster shells into recyclable bioplastic objects

Four designers from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College have developed a series of machines that turn seafood waste into a biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic. The project, called Shellworks, saw... Read more »

Samsung launches foldable smartphone

Samsung has unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy Fold device, which unfolds “like a book” from a smartphone into a tablet. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold, which will go on sale in... Read more »

Robot Science Museum in Seoul will be built by robots and drones

Melike Altınışık Architects has unveiled plans for a Robot Science Museum in Seoul, which will be built using robotic construction techniques and drones. Robots will be used to construct the curving metal facade... Read more »

Watch footage of Universal Everything’s immersive VR experience

This captioned video shows a virtual reality experience created by Universal Everything, where a 5,000-strong crowd of simulated humans surges and swarms in response to the user’s movements. The immersive VR film is an adaptation of... Read more »