Motiv ring will be able to make payments and verify identity with a heartbeat

US tech company Motiv has revealed its smart ring will soon use its wearer’s unique heartbeat to verify their identity and make payments. The company, which launched the Motiv ring in 2017... Read more »

“Soon the smartphone will no longer be our primary digital device”

The iPhone’s reign of supremacy is ending, but its successor won’t be a single device, says Owen Hopkins. The age of Apple is coming to an end, that is if you believe... Read more »

Movie shows how Continental’s robot dogs would deliver packages

This captioned movie shows, in action, the conceptual robotic delivery dog that German automotive brand Continental unveiled at CES 2019. Continental envisions its robot canines being driven around in autonomous vans before... Read more »

Bose develops noise-cancelling technology for cars

Bose has developed a version of its QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones for cars, which promises to minimise unwanted sound inside the vehicle. The US audio company’s new QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) measures... Read more »

Boeing’s self-piloted passenger drone completes first test flight

Boeing has tested a prototype of its electric autonomous passenger drone — a vehicle that a year ago was just a concept design. The US aerospace company tested the experimental aircraft, which... Read more »

Tessa Spierings’ tactile sound system explores the acoustic properties of materials

Spierings’ Echo combines bespoke speakers with removable tubes made of different materials that can be used to alter the properties of the music played by the system. Described as a “soundscape that... Read more »

Postmates’ delivery robot Serve is designed to be “lovable at first sight”

New Deal Design has collaborated with Postmates, to give the “on-demand anything” delivery company an autonomous rover capable of charming the pedestrians it shares the pavement with. The wheeled Serve robot will... Read more »

Carlo Ratti designs driverless robotic bar called Guido

Italian architect Carlo Ratti has revealed his concept for an autonomous robotic cafe and bar that would make on-demand cocktails for city-dwellers wherever they are. The driverless drinks cart, called Guido, has... Read more »

Holoride creates carsickness-battling VR experience for self-driving-car passengers

German start-up Holoride has designed a virtual-reality experience for the backseats of taxis, for passengers in autonomous vehicles or for kids on long car trips. Holoride’s games and visualisations provide entertainment that’s specifically... Read more »

NuraLoop adaptive earbuds deliver audio tailored to the wearer’s hearing

Australian audio company Nura has launched what it says are the world’s first adaptive earphones, which alter their output to suit the user’s hearing. Announced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show... Read more »